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The state opposition is expected to fight the levy and push the government to explore alternatives to the AU$494 million assistance package, including examining the New South Wales model . "Short ride[s] down to a doctor's appointment or to the supermarkets ... these are AU$6, AU$8 taxi fares that are going to be slugged with a AU$4 tax on a round trip, so that gives us some concern," Hodgett added. Conversely, Victorian Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan said that "unpicking" the legislation would prevent the industry from getting significant support. Should passengers not comply, they risk being unable to operate in the state, she added. The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance previously condemned such proposals as slugging Victorians with "yet another great new tax to bail out the failing taxi industry". "Victorians are already struggling with sluggish economic growth and increasing unemployment," said executive director of the alliance Tim Andrews. "The last thing they need is hundreds of millions of dollars of new taxes to fund corporate welfare." Under the Bill, all commercial passenger vehicle providers will have to provide quarterly information on trip numbers, which would be enforced through the State Revenue Office. Although the state government is yet to pass legislation, a decision passed by a Victorian County Court doctor home loan program Oak Laurel 0430129662 judge in favour of a Melbourne Uber driver effectively gave the service the green light to operate in Victoria in May.