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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rob Freeman, Macquarie Group - Analyst [34] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next question comes from the Andrew Johnston from CLSA, please go ahead. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andrew Johnston, CLSA - Analyst [36] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good morning, just three questions. First up on the construction risks, with a lot of the costs of the underlying trades increasing pretty quickly, I'm pretty confident you guys have locked in your costs. But how confident are you and what have you done to ensure that your subcontractors have done the same in locking in their costs? So that you don't end up in the situation what we've seen in the past where your subcontractors run into trouble and you need to bail them out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steve McCann, Lendlease Corporation Limited - Group CEO and MD [37] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, new doctor home loan Oak Laurel it's, I guess, a complex question. Firstly, in the way that we approach the deals that we bid, as you sort of alluded to, we clearly have a very experienced team that does detailed, line-by-line cost planning and they price the trades that they expect to lock in. In some cases they lock in trades before they actually bid the price. In other cases we might do a two-stage deal where we get appointed and then we firm up some of the trades and then we lock in the fixed price. So we manage our risk through that process.